Build a leading brand of high-end collagen

Ingredients: water, glycerindisodium phosphate, phenoxyethanolsodium phosphatesodium chloride
Other traceelements: methylparabencollagen
Efficacy: moisturize and heal the skinIt is suitable for daily healing of the skin.
Method: Facial external use three times a day,the best effect of continuous use for 15 days.
Attention: the skin features varv in different peopleIn case of any discomfort stop usina it.
Storage: please store it in a dry place at the normal temperature so as to keep its quality.
Manufacturer: Shandong D-Nutrimec Biomedical Co..Ltd.
Address: 218m at the east of the intersection of Qinanian Road and Dinadang RoadTianzhong Street, Dingtao District, Heze City, Shandong Province
ProductionlicenseNo: LZ20210023
Standard code for the product: LuGZWBZ2021503694
Production batch No. and service life can be seen on the package
Place of origin: Shandong Qualified
BONNEHEURE telephoneNo.:0086-530-6277775