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Recombinant Humanized Collagen1068
Duomeikang has the core technology of the raw material production process of recombinant humanized collagen, which is in line with the national trial standard issued on March 15.2021and is better than animal source and recombinant collagen.
The key technology of recombinant humanized type lI collagen is"large/live/mesh"which has the longest peptide chain with 1068 amino acid human sequence, good repeatability(complete collagen has nearly 200 functional domains, each with different effects)and large molecular weight[8-16.5 million Daltons/controllable consistency(120,000 Daltons)],yeast fermentation without endotoxin(<0.5EU/ml)"is currently China’s only company with a 2-ton fermentation expression process of long humanized collagen of 1068 amino acids. Since 2015, Domekang biologicals has been focusing on recombinant collagen research, development and marketing for seven years jointly cooperated with professors and experts from Sichuan University, North China Pharmaceuticals the Shangha Institute of Pharmaceutical Research of Chinese Academy of Sciencesand Shandong University. The humanized technology is synchronized with that in United StatesThere are only two humanized collagen research enterprises abroad, with the current Chinese raw material fermentation large-production technology better compared with that of the United States.