Build a leading brand of high-end collagen

Beijing is a place where a doctor has chased his dream for 17 years.In that placethe doctor had been pursuing ideal medical skin care products which could bring people beauty and health-BONNEHEURE which means "white touched with red and remarkable”in Chinese and“happy time”in FrenchThe brand was born in a phar maceutical company founded in 2004. It used to be a pharmaceutical company engaged in drug research and development, approval and national sales.
In those vears after 2006.the doctor had visited talvFranceGermanvSwitzerland and Australia to see the development of cosmeceuticals and the iteration of skin repair technoloay. D-Nutrimeca bio-intelliaence enter prise, is engaged in basic research and clinical practice in the field of svstematic structural analvsis and function a discoverv of functional proteins based on biosvnthesis, microbial cell factories, rational desian of recombinant collagen and other cutting-edge technologies, focusing on“new biomedical materials”for life and health.
BONNEHEURE focuses on gene editing engineering and fermentation purification engineering, cooperates with Sichuan University, Shandong University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and North China Pharmaceutical Research and Development, builds a synthetic biotechnology innovative R&D system and production system, roots in wound repair and medical beauty repair tissue marketing through benchmark third-grade hospitals creates a new era of Chinese products, plouahs deep into the Chinese skincare market and aoes to the interna tional market. It has become the 3rd Generation"recombinant humanized collagen"high-tech bio-pharmaceuti-cal brand in the field of skin and mucosal barrier repair Class functional dressing, efficacious skin care prod-ucts, new materials for medical beauty and anti-aging and new materials for regenerative medicine with low-tem-perature 3D printing. The brand has a competitive advantaae and brand strenath in the field of "dermatoloay" in China.