Build a leading brand of high-end collagen
A High-tech Biomedical Enterprise of
The Third Generation
“Recombinant Humanized Collagen”

Springing from the dream of an oncologist fighting for the future in BeijingD-NutriMec had its origin in this city in 2004 and started as an emerging medical corporation engaged in pharmaceutical R&D, drug application and national marketing. With the significant transformation in 2015 and turning to the cutting-edge technology in fields like structural biology and rational design of collagen, D-NutriMec began to focus on the development of new healthcare biomedical materials and thus initiated its systematic engagement in the basic research on functional proteinssuch as their structural analysis and function discovery.
D-NutriMec is specialized in the recombination and fermentation technology of genetic engineering and has established a R&D system and a production system underpinned by synthetic biotechnologyaiming to provide optimal solutions for Chinese consumers in the new era based on our wound repair practice in benchmarking tertiary hospitals and its marketing in cosmetic medicine and anti-aging organizations. D-NutriMec. rooted in the domestic skin market and with the ambition to earn international reputation,has become a high-tech biomedical enterprise of the third generation “recombinant humanized collagen”that covers a wide scope, including skin & mucosal barrier repair dressings functional skincare products, new materials for wound repair. new materials for medical hemostasis new materials for cosmetic medicine and anti-aging, as well as the low-temperature 3D printing ofnew materials for regenerative medicine.
Be aware of the principles and then practice them. After 18 years of development we have five subsidiaries in production,sales,and R&D,and eight automatic production lines. The enterprise covers an area ofover 80 acres with over 200 employees and management personnel. including a small-scale R&D team. an expert team.a production team.and a sales team. With five patents for invention and twelve other patents. Duomeikang Biological has integrated"science, industry, trade, service, online store" and chain store"and built the six-force model of S2F2B2C enterprise development, focusing on solving the "problem" of skin & mucous membrane and focusing on the "beauty" of skin and mucous membrane for a complete solution of their repair and regeneration.We are committed to becoming an international first-class scientific and innovative biomate-rials enterprise and new medical and aesthetic materials company by practicing the"BigTree Theory" and creating high-end manufacturing of"new bio-medical materials","efficacious skin care products," and "innovative medical devices" of svnthet-ic biological hard technology.